In the institutions of OFSIN of the Russian Federation for the republic of Altai the provision of short-term visits to suspects, accused and convicted persons resumes.

Since December 20, 2021 the high security prison (Maima) and the detention center (Kyzyl-Ozek) resumes providing the suspects, accused and convicted people with short term visits from their relatives and other persons.

In order to prevent the spread of the disease coronavirus infection (COVID-19), visits will be organized with mandatory compliance with sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures.

Short-term visits will be conducted through the glass, with a passport and the following paper documents:

- a valid certificate of prophylactic vaccination against COVID-19, obtained at the place of vaccination, or a certificate printed from the portal of Gosuslugi;

- or a certificate of having had COVID-19 at least six months ago from the Gosuslugi portal, or a similar certificate from a medical organization.

Citizens arriving on a visit are required to use personal protective equipment (masks), as well as to observe social distance. When visiting institutions, an entrance health check with thermometry and treatment of hands with skin antiseptic will be carried out. Persons with signs of acute respiratory illness and (or) elevated body temperature (above 37.0) will not be admitted to the institutions.

The provision of long-term visits is still suspended until a special instruction.

We ask relatives of suspects, accused and convicted persons to treat with understanding to the restrictive measures. Their cancellation will be announced additionally, including on the official website of OFSIN of the Russian Federation for the republic of Altai.

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Date of last update: 14.02.2022 14:31


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