In order to prevent the spread of the disease among suspects, accused and convicted persons, as well as employees of the criminal executive system, additional sanitary and anti-epidemic measures for short and long visits, parcels and packages, as well as for visits to correctional institutions by citizens are in effect in the region's penitentiary institutions.

In accordance with the decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of FSIN of Russia from 15.04.2020 № 185 «On the introduction of additional sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures aimed at preventing the emergence and spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)» in all penal institutions of UFSIN of the Russian Federation in the Kurgan region every Friday disinfection of premises is carried out. On this day, the movement of suspects, defendants and convicts is prohibited, as well as visits to correctional institutions.

Short-term visits

Short-term visits take place in special rooms equipped with safety glass and intercom. It is mandatory for visiting relatives to have personal protective equipment (masks and gloves). In order to respect the social distance between citizens (at least 1.5 meters) only one person is allowed on a short-term visit.

Long visits

Long visits with suspects, accused and convicted persons shall be carried out in compliance with additional sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures aimed at preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

Citizens who have a negative result of a test for a new coronavirus infection are allowed on long visits. The test result must be obtained no later than 48 hours before the start of the extended visit. The research can be carried out by any of the methods that determine the antigen of the pathogen or the genetic material of the pathogen, using diagnostic preparations and test systems registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is also necessary to have a certificate of no contact with an infectious disease, certified by the stamps of the health care institution.

At the entrance to the correctional facility there is an entrance health check of visitors with the measurement of body temperature, questioning about the presence of signs of acute respiratory infections. Citizens with elevated body temperature and (or) with visible signs of acute respiratory disease are not allowed. You must have personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) at the rate of 1 mask for 2 hours, 2 pairs of gloves.

If a visitor shows signs of acute respiratory illness and (or) increased body temperature, as well as the introduction of restrictive measures (quarantine) in the institution, the visit shall be terminated.

Receiving packages and parcels

- receiving items and things shall be carried out only in the manufacturer's packaging (factory or factory-made);

- reception of food - only in the manufacturer's packaging (factory or factory packaging indicating the shelf life of products and temperature storage mode), subject to wet treatment with disinfectants recommended for viral infections;

- it is forbidden to accept food products in bulk and loose products without packaging.

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